anybill as an additional feature for your POS software

Together, we enable your merchants to offer digital receipts and smart additional functions for their customers.

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Integration of anybill into your POS system
Simple integration with full functionality.
Integration via Rest API

anybill provides a Rest API with an unique API key.

Customer Onboarding

Onboarding of the stores with information, IDs, names and addresses via the B2B portal.

Provision of the receipts

The receipts are provided by POS Digital via the backend.

The benefits of our partnership
Together for an innovative and sustainable future.
Add On Feature

With anybill, you can offer your customers an innovative and digital additional feature directly at the POS.

Multi Partner Solution

A compliant and environmentally friendly multi-partner solution for digital document storage.

Revenue share

Offer anybill as an additional feature and at the same time achieve an increase in sales with the partner provocation model.

Numerous POS partners already trust in anybill
Offer digital receipts as additional feature to your customers
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