Digital receipts for your restaurant or café

Easy activation in your existing POS system
- without additional hardware.
For restaurants and cafes of all sizes.

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How it works
Three different ways your customers can receive digital receipts on the smartphone.
anybill QR/Bar-Code Scan
QR/Bar-Code Scan

Scan of the individual QR or barcode in the app at the checkout and reception of the receipt digitally into the app.

QR code on the customer display
QR code on the customer display

Display the receipt as a QR code on an existing customer or terminal display and allow the customer to scan it with or without an app.

anybill links to means of payment
Link to means of payment

After connecting the payment methods in the app your customers can receive digital receipts with existing banking cards without further scanning.

Integration in Banking-App

Integration of anybill services into existing banking app or white label app
Modular feature set with various additional functions based on the cash receipt
Individual corporate design

Use of anybill-App

Use of the anybill app as a platform for digital receipts for your customers
Many different additional functions available for your customers
Offer individually designed digital loyalty cards and offers for your customers in the app

Always keep the overview with the partner portal
Overview of all receipts as well as valuable insights and analyses.
Intuitive partner portal with store management
Overview of all receipts
Detailed target group analyses
Live statistics and analyses
Overview of all donated trees to share with your customers and community
Adiós paper chaos. Hello anybill.
Smart and interactive customer receipts with individual features
Digital receipt with interactive features
Voucher output compliant and therefore legally valid
Saving thermal paper and reducing costs
Discounts through loyalty points and individualised coupons
Low integration effort and available for every cash register
Uncompromising data protection and security

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